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Sakuma Bros. Farm: Do the right thing! We will not buy sakuma bros. berries until the workers have a contract.

Calling for a boycott of products that you help produce—and earn a living from—is not something that is done lightly. To understand why migrant berry pickers at Sakuma Brothers Farms have been forced to call for a boycott of the berry products made from the strawberries, blueberries and blackberries they tend and harvest. You must know the whole story. Only then will you know why these farm workers are risking their livelihoods and are counting on your support.

Familias Unidas por la Justicia has held four general strikes and two crew work stoppages this year, and after a series of negotiations, they have gained some concessions but have not been able to secure fair wages nor better treatment from their employer.

It has become clear that when it comes to the workers main labor disputes, Sakuma Brothers Farms is not interested in settling the dispute. Money talks, and it often speaks the only language that corporations understand. By hitting Sakuma Brothers Farms where it matters most—in their pocketbook—Familias Unidas por la Justicia hope to gain the owners undivided attention and secure a valid contract.


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Sakuma Bros. Farm Steven Sakuma, Ryan Sakuma, John Sakuma, Richard Sakuma
We feel very strongly that Sakuma Bros. Farm SHOULD NOT fire any workers involved in this labor dispute nor force them to leave their homes in the labor camp.

Sakuma Bros. needs to return to the negotiating table. Please listen to and respect your workers and consumers.

We have read the papers and we have heard from the farmworkers. We continue to support the farmworkers in their fight and until we hear that Sakuma Brother Farm has returned to the negotiating table and stopped any retaliatory actions against all farmworkers.

We will not buy Sakuma's products and will continue to encourage others to do the same until this matter is resolved to the farmworker's satisfaction.

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