Immediate & Unconditional Release of General RK

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1) Whereas General RK has proven to be one of the most organised, brave and eloquent Generals in the Southern Cameroons aka Ambazonia Restoration quest; and,

2) Whereas General RK is the only one who organized the 1st October independence celebration in Southern Cameroons aka Ambazonia; and,

3) Whereas for about 2 months and counting, practically nothing has been done to protect the people of Ambazonia from the ongoing genocide; and,

4) Whereas common sense tells us that capturing, brutalising and imprisoning of our Ground forces not loyal to the ASC or the IG is not only contreproductive to our struggle but equals to supporting the brutal military forces of Cameroun to continue the killing our people without defense; and,

5) Whereas we know ASC backed by the IG has disarming and killing Ambazonia self defense soldiers like our  Godfather, Smalley, etc in this struggle; and,

6) Whereas the ASC has brought international shame on Ambazonians by claiming "Ambaboys" kidnapped students of PSS Nkwen; and,

7) Whereas we know we cannot fight our colonizer which is Cameroun by capturing, beating, illegally imprisoning and killing our own fighters;

Therefore, We the people of Ambazonia, in the name of all Ambazonians that have given their blood for this struggle, petition as follows:

1. That the Interim government group ( IG) leader Dr. Sako Samuel should immediately orders it's ASC chairman to unconditionally release General RK together with all the other fighters they are holding illegally in unknown detention areas.

2. Furthermore, that all the soldiers held illegally by the ASC must be released within seven days that is before 20th November 2018.

3. Furthermore, that failure to release by the above mentioned date will lead us to believe and confirm that the IG is an agent of the colonizer Cameroun.

4. Furthermore, that as an agent of the colonizer Cameroun, the IG cannot speak or act on behalf of Ambazonians from 21th November 2018.

5. Furthermore, that the IG and forces loyal to it must understand that our enemy is the colonizer Cameroun not other Ambazonian self defense fighters and civilians.

6. Finally, that if by the 21th of November General RK and all the soldiers detained illegally by the NGO IG and its defense groups like ASC are not released, the leaders of the IG Dr Samuel Sako and the chairman of the ASC, Major Agbor Felix together with their collaborators will automatically becomes persona non grata to the people of Southern Cameroons aka Ambazonia. The international community and all people of interest in the Southern Cameroons aka Ambazonia struggle will be notified of this decision.

Petition Target: 125 Signatures:

The self-proclaimed IG was agreed upon mutually by about 20-25 individuals without a vote. We derive our power to act, when 125 people (5 times more than those required to form the IG) sign this petition.

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