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Steven Park
Steven Park signed this petition

After waiting 8 months for a UK visa application without a single update, the application has been refused.

Hi, my names Steven and my partners name is Air (Thanwadee). We have been together close to 6 years now. Air has been living in the UK now since 2014 which she now regards as home. She has integrated into society and was working full time up to when the visa was refused.

In December 2017 Air’s visa needed to be renewed and what we thought would be a straight forward application to apply for further leave to remain, has ended up turning our lives upside down.

When we applied for the visa in December 2017 we found out that we do not meet the financial requirements as I could not produce 6 months’ payslips, due to changing jobs and I commenced self-employment. I was not aware that this decision to go self-employed would have such an impact, and even though we still meet the financial requirement, because of the fact I can’t show this until my accounts have been submitted, we had to apply for Discretionary Leave to Remain. We meet all of the other requirements and have never claimed any benefits.

Not only has the visa been refused but we have also been refused the right to appeal by the Home Office. The Home Office is not exercising their right to discretion and has created a hostile environment towards anybody who is not British. They have informed us in the decision that Air needs to leave the UK.
Air has been made to feel like a criminal even though she has been living legally and immigration compliant. The Home Office have forced her to resign from her full time job immediately and she is no longer allowed to work.

In the refusal letter from the home office, they suggested that we continue our family life outside of the UK in Thailand. This is based on me (Steven) having been on holiday there.
We have been advised by our solicitors that previously, similar applications have been granted as the Home Office have exercised their discretion.

It is difficult to get on with our lives. If you’re in this position of waiting, you have no feeling of belonging, you’re restricted on work, and can’t travel overseas.
This petition isn’t just about us. Things need to change for everyone affected.