Evaluate Northumbria PCC's Use of Public Office for Political Outcomes & Political Gain

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To gather the evidence we have & evaluate it and decide if there is a case to answer about misuse of public office by the PCC & if the answer is yes then take appropriate action against the current elected Northumbria PCC as a means of stopping them breaching any guidelines for conduct as The PCC for Northumbria.

Why is this important?

Without this the public confidence in Northumbria Police force could be damaged due to the allegations of increasing politically motivated use of the force on all levels to protect her friends in the Labour party & beyond.

The problem is genuine citizens aren't either seeing justice or are having the police force used politically against them.

Solution is for Home Secretary Sajid Javid to send a task force to Northumbria to evaluate and make an informed decision on my claims and others.

If we crack this then the police can do their jobs and arrest criminals even those in the labour party and get a conviction without fear of compromise within the CPS. Sunderland will be changed forever.