We need A NEW DEAL for Northamptonshire County Council Services

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Northamptonshire County Council, Best Value Inspection March 2018 concluded that Northamptonshire County Council has failed to provide best value in the delivery of it's services, stating, "The councils approach comes across as sloppy, lacking in rigour and without challenge" 3.66 p 24.

It also states that, "NCC employs many good, hardworking, dedicated staff who are trying to deliver essential services to residents who need and value what is offered and available. The problems the staff faces are not their fault." 1.7 p 2

Commissioners will be coming into the Council and making decisions about our local services. It's essential that the government provides the proper funding to run the essential service that our community needs. It also really important that council staff through their trade unions as well as the public have a say in decisions made about local public services.

The government needs to ensure that:

  • Northamptonshire County Council receives adequate Government fundingto deliver services across Northamptonshire. 
  • That UNISON and other trade unions have a central role in the scrutiny of the decision making on the funding and delivery of services
  • That staff are not punished for the failings of the Council. That their pay and conditions are brought in line with nationally agreed pay and conditions.