Protect and improve policing in the UK. Hold a Royal Commission.

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I’m a retired senior police officer who worked in the force for over 39 years. My father served in the organisation before me. Our combined service adds up to over 60 years.

I care deeply about protecting our communities and the state of policing and it’s heartbreaking to see the cuts being made. In this country we’ve lost 25,000 police officers since 2010. And the effects are clear to see - with over 91% of crimes taking place without anyone getting charged. 

At the same time, cuts to other services like health care mean that colleagues in the force are dealing with more than ever before - like people with mental health problems that should be in the care of the NHS. It feels now like policing is in crisis with hundreds of officers leaving well before retirement. Without urgent change, it will only get worse and put us all a risk.

That’s why I’m calling for the Home Secretary to hold a Royal Commission. This is a 'root and branch' review of the entire police system, as well as concrete steps forward about what changes need to be made and how it will be properly funded.

I’m not the only retired officer who thinks this needs to happen - I’m one of a group of 180 who are leading this campaign. We are called “Retired Officers Who Care”.

The will be the first review of its kind since 1960. Policing and the demands placed upon it have changed radically since that time - especially with the rise in technology.

The British public have a right to a police force which has the funding it needs to keeps us all safe and secure. Please sign this petition to help make this happen.