Please shorten the time frame to get settlement in the UK for single Parents of British children

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Hello my name is Ess. I am a mother to two British children. One of whom is disabled. I am asking the new Home Secretary to consider changing the time frame for single immigrant parents of British children living in the UK on family life visa, from 10years to 5years for settlement. Most of us are victims of some form of abuse.  Our immigration status has an adverse effect on our British children as they are entitled to nothing. My daughter who is disabled is not even allowed to claim her transport fare to hospitals because of my immigration status as her mother, she isn’t even allowed free school meals. My son isn’t allowed the free hours of care allocated to parents with low income because of my immigration status. I have no recourse which means they get nothing. Most single immigrant parents are low income earners who have to pay tax, rent, food and all other bills with no help and fend for their children. Is the welfare of a British child born to an Immigrant parent now less worthy than that born to British parents? This children miss out on a lot of things. I have been sexually harassed and mentally abused while seeking accommodation or a job in my desperation to provide for my children and so many other single mothers have similar stories. Upon narrating their ordeals or issues, some people try to take advantage. Even social services turn their backs on us as they say we have no recourse to public funds so they can’t help.  The home office keeps rejecting our pleas and this leaves us at the mercy of immigration lawyers who charge extorbitant fees we can’t even afford while making empty promises. I am imploring the new Home Secretary to kindly look into this and help make our children relevant. They have rights too.