Urge the police to tackle the antisocial behaviour towards Chinese community

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In recent years, Chinese community and overseas students in most big cities in the UK have been disproportionately targeted by antisocial behaviours. In some areas,  almost every house of Chinese residence or student accommodation had been broken into for once or more within a year. Some Chinese families and students reported that they have to carry all valuables in their bags whenever they leave their property.过去几年来,在英国的华人社区和留学生屡受反社会行为的搅扰。在部分地区,几乎同一条街道上的每一家华人居民都在一年内被盗窃一次或多次。部分华人家庭和学生不得不每次出门时都将所有有价值的东西都背在包里。

Many victims have been complaining about the lack of response and questionable attitude by the police officers, which in turn have been contributed to increase of such crime towards an ethnic minority. 受害者普遍反映警察处理不得力,态度欠佳,导致这一针对少数民族的反社会行为的进一步抬头。

We voice out our concern and request the government and the police to provide sufficient resources and measures to tackle such antisocial behaviours. 让我们行动起来,给政府和警察施加压力,要求他们投入更多的资源和警力,阻止这些行为。