Hilary's Home - keep Hilary Ineomo-Marcus with his UK family

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Hilary Ineomo-Marcus is under threat of deportation to Nigeria by the Home Office, breaking up his family and leaving his wife and two young children here. They are British.

Ineomo-Marcus broadcasts regularly with National Prison Radio. He volunteers for charities for prison reform and visits schools to deter young people from offending.

In 2013 Ineomo-Marcus went to prison and served 15 months of a 27 month sentence for a tax offence. Current Home Office policy is to deport foreign nationals with sentences of 12 months or more.  

Hilary was successful in his first tier tribunal against deportation and judged to be a low risk of reoffending, yet in the upper tribunal hearing the Home Office have chosen to overturn this outcome.

Hilary was 10 when he came to the UK from Nigeria, 23 years ago. He has had leave to remain since the early 2000s.  He regards Britain as his home.

In a Guardian article (Sarah Marsh, Oct 4) he says:

'They are arguing that I am a threat to society, and the public interest in deporting me outweighs the interest of my children.'

He suffers anxiety and depression 'at the thought of being kicked out of a country I have known as home since my formative years..... The Home Office refuse to give credit to those who have lived experience and are willing to serve the community they wronged.'

Please let Hilary stay in the UK.

Please keep his family together and respect their rights.

Please consider the good work he has done voluntarily since his release.

Please amend the law to take someone's positive contribution into account following release.

Please reconsider the nationality status of minors who come to this country under leave to remain.

Please help build a fairer world where Hilary's contribution to society would be valued not ignored.

Please don't sacrifice his family just to tick a box.

This man has served the sentence for a tax offence.  In which other democratic  countries does a tax offence sentence entail the life sentences of banishment and the destruction of your family?

Please reconsider this case with justice, proportionality, compassion and common sense.  

'Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future' Oscar Wilde