Help get my wife the visa we paid for and stop the government visa scam.

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I met my wife in Chile in 2012 when I was traveling South America for 6 months, we traveled in Peru and Ecuador together before my travels ended.

I went to live with my wife in Chile in 2014 for 12 months then returned to the UK for work to earn more money. My wife joined me in the UK in May 2016 for 6 months and then we got married in Chile in March 2017.  My wife came to the UK again in July for 6 months and left in January 2018 and then we started applying for a spouse visa.

I spent a good month applying for the visa knowing if we got something wrong the government would keep the money and refuse the visa. We had about 97 pages of evidence/photos/wage slips etc. When my wife went to the VFS global centre in Chile to hand in the application she was told they could not scan the photographs because they were on photographic paper, this I could not believe.

I paid the $2110 for the visa and £630 Health Charge, we waited 15 weeks and my wife received an email saying the visa was refused. My wife cried her eyes out all day and I was angry and upset.

They refused the visa on 2 reasons, one they didn't believe it was a genuine relationship but acknowledged the marriage certificate and failed it on financial grounds because I had not supplied bank statements to show my wage slips going into my account, the requirement is £18,600 and I had earned over £26,000 at the time of the application. I did supply wage slips which showed money earned to date and also Tax Office letters for 2 years before earning over £18,600.

We were never asked for further information and as this visa has a significant impact on our lives and relationship I think they should have asked for further information or at least asked why there were no photos of us in the application.

I have the right to appeal and have contacted an immigration lawyer which cost £360, I'm then informed we have little chance of winning the appeal and we should just apply again at a cost of just under £3000. The appeal could take 9-18 months. I was also told my wife might be stopped from entering the UK if she comes here again on a 6 month holiday visa, and she was told before at London City Airport that they won't let her in again. 

I want the visa we paid for and to see my wife this year, we meet the governments tough criteria which is designed to stop people from applying but Theresa May's "Hostile Environment" is now being used against people who have the right to be here and the government is making huge sums of money by keeping failed visa fees.

I believe our Human Rights are being broken under Article 8, The right to a family life and I promised my wife we could have children once we had a visa but we now have no idea when that will be.

Gareth & Josy

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