Umihara Kawase Trilogy for Nintendo Switch!

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What is Umihara Kawase Trilogy and why should it be on Nintendo Switch?

Umihara Kawase is a platform saga for the whole family. This same has acquired a fan base both in Japan, its country of origin, and in the West where it was known from the third launching.

The Trilogy includes the three original installments, but the point is that this collection has not been released on Nintendo Switch.

The developer recently released both Umihara Kawase Fresh! as also Umihara Kawase Bazooka!. But, the followers of the saga propose what it would be like to play the trilogy in the portable mode and on the screen that the Nintendo Switch offers us.

In this case a few of us had the idea of ​​creating this request for developers to analyze the idea of ​​launching this trilogy in the eshop, and that way more people have the opportunity to try this legendary cult saga from the comfort of wherever they are.

Thanks for the support!