Temporary closure of SAIT for the duration of COVID-19

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While we see precautionary measures being taken from all schools around the country it is surprising that SAIT has chosen to stay open. We have seen recently alberta banning gatherings of over 250 people as the number of confirmed corona virus cases climbs to 23 in Alberta alone. With the healthlink 811 receiving many calls every minute, there is a long wait before one may even get the chance to be tested. With that being said, there should be precautions set in place in order to further prevent the spread of the virus. 

With over 10, 000 students and 1,000 academic staff, SAIT just like other schools is one of the biggest hotspots from where the virus may spread at a rate that is unimaginable. It is surprising that with the banning gatherings of over 250 people SAIT exceedes the limit by about 44x, and yet chooses to remain open putting the students and staff at risk. We should take into consideration the health safety and well being of ourselves and one another as a community.