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Saint Petersburg College Remove Child Abusers and Corruption

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Your faculty have the immediate authority to remove all persons, partners, employees and faculty from Saint Petersburg College if those persons are known to have abused children and young adults, failed to report violations of state and U.S. law, been convicted in a court of law of those violations, persons using SPC resources in a manner or activity that is not accredited, is in violation of SPC codes and rules, or intentionally or directly harms students and the general public.

SPC allegedly fired Virgil Miller Newton when SPC (formerly St Pete Jr College) faculty discovered Virgil abused children and provided harmful services to families through Virgil's 'Drug Free America Foundation' then called Straight, Incorporated;

To conceal its criminal activities and lawsuit convictions and settlements, the Drug Free America Foundation (DFAF) deliberately changed its administrative name from 'Straight, Incorporated' to DFAF;

DFAF was convicted in U.S. Federal Court of Falsely Imprisoning a young adult or child;

DFAF presently provides "free" Non-accredited "courses"
through SPC with DFAF's Division "National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance";

DFAF provides non-accredited awards to garner direct involvement with SPC;
"After working with the DFAF for more than twelve years, LaHaie said most of her work at SPC ... ."

DFAF staff and founders, especially Melvin Sembler and Betty Sembler, deliberately concealed its lawsuit, conviction and investigation history and deliberately failed to tell SPC faculty of DFAF entire history. SPC requires all persons employed, partnering, or enrolling at SPC to conduct themselves according SPC rules and codes, especially the rule of divulge, reveal, and disclose lawsuits, arrests, violations of law, and more;

SPC is an Accredited College that has a brilliant history of not providing non accredited courses intended at confusing, causing political or controversial problems to students and the general public, and not providing courses that are non-accredited nor serve toward additional credits toward degrees in SPC degree seeking programs.

DFAF was investigated nationwide, in multiple states, by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Prosecutor of Florida, Grande Jury,

and investigated and found guilty of child abuse and abusing young adults and defrauding parents of insurance monies by the Dept of Children and Families (then HRS) and other state governing departments; DFAF was alleged in several federal and state lawsuits to have abused, tortured and enslaved children and young adults on a nationwide scale;,_Incorporated

Founding managers of DFAF / Straight, Incorporated are seen here unlawfully using SPC resources to bring in a DFAF speaker in a highly political activity, DFAF violating SPC rules and codes. In the middle table you can see DFAF founders Melvin Sembler and Betty Sembler cheering for their paid speaker;

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