Stop R. Kelly From Performing At Chaifetz Arena

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The Problem: R. Kelly., a once chart-topping R&B singer is scheduled to perform at Saint Louis University's Chaifetz Arena on April 29, 2016. While hosting celebrities is nothing foreign to SLU or its' arena, this particular star is causing many to raise their eyebrows and question the judgement of the city's beloved and historic Jesuit institution. While growing in fame, R.Kelly has also accrued a laundry list of allegations chronicling the abuse of his power and money to have sex with minors. 

History: Kelly's first publicized and questionable incident of statutory rape occurred in 1994. Kelly, who was 27 years old, married the late singer-songwriter, Aaliyah, who was 15, under a falsified document. The marriage was quickly annulled and Aaliyah was forced to sign a document swearing her to secrecy about the entire incident. Shortly after, Kelly produced the young artists' less than coincidental debut album, "Age Ain't Nothing But A Number." This was just the beginning of many depositions that surfaced regarding R.Kelly's behavior with minors.

  • In 1996, Kelly was sued for damages by a woman alleging the two began a sexual relationship when she was 15. (Eventually settled out of court)
  • In 2001 a separate allegation depicting a statutory relationship arose but was immediately settled out of court  
  • In 2002, he was indicted on 21 counts of making child pornography after police came into possession of a video depicting a man resembling Kelly having sex with a young woman
  • More in 2002--- Kelly faced a lawsuit from a woman claiming that while she was underaged, he impregnated her, and then hired one of his assistants to take her to receive an unwanted abortion
  • In 2002 a woman sued Kelly for filming their sex without her awareness
  • Also in 2002, a video, was delivered anonymously to music critic Jim DeRogatis’s mailbox, showing a man who resembled R. Kelly having sex with a girl alleged to have been about 14 or 15 years old at the time. The man in the video can be seen urinating in the girl’s mouth. 
  • In 2008 R.Kelly went to trial for child-pornography charges surrounding the tape sent to DeRogati

Kelly has faced at least a half-dozen more lawsuits for similar acts of sexual misconduct, sex with minors, child pornography, sexual assault, and forced nonconsensual sex.


Amber Johnson, Ph.D., an assistant professor at SLU, championed a call to action to stop R.Kelly's performance at Chaifetz Arena, by publicly sharing this open letter to the campus faculty and President: 

"As a proud member of our faculty, a strong advocate for women and girls, and an advocate for anti-rape culture, I urge our campus administrators to rethink the invitation for R Kelly to perform on our campus on April 29. He has a long history of committing violent sexual acts against under-age girls. He was not apologetic in singing about his actions in his music. He represents rape culture and sexual injustice. Our university should not welcome a person like him on our campus. Please reconsider. This will no doubt bring massive protest to our campus community and negative publicity. Let's set the precedent and be proactive."

Stand with this SLU professor. Stand up for women and girls everywhere. Help to end the systemic support of rape culture on college campuses. Sign the petition and let Saint Louis University know that WE ARE "SAYING NO" TO R.KELLY. 


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