SLU needs a full-time position for International Initiatives and Programmatic Events

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International students from all over the world leave the comfort of their homes in order to get a well-rounded education. There is a steady increase in the number of international students (Thanks to the efforts of INTO SLU and Office of International Student). Unfortunately, due to the sharp decrease in the number of Center for Global Citizenship staff members required to plan and implement international programmatic events, many existing programs and events are in jeopardy going forward. Annual events such as: Parade of Nations, Billiken World Festival, International Education Week, International Gala, and International Awards Ceremony (previously planned and organized by the Cross Cultural Center, CGC and International Student Federation) bring together international students and domestic students to share and learn about their local and global experiences. Not only do programs like these build bridges, they also create an opportunity for international students to celebrate their cultural heritages with the SLU community. While these programs and events are getting larger more successful every year, the number of staff, or lack thereof, that is needed to plan and support these events, is getting smaller.

Currently, there is no full-time staff member that is solely and actively responsible for international programmatic initiatives and events at SLU. While Global Initiatives remain part of SLU’s strategic plan, to many, especially international students, it appears not to be a priority, given the decline in personnel and funding for international events and programs.

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By signing this petition, you are asking SLU Administrators to create, at least, a full-time position that will support international initiatives and programmatic events.