Stop ATV Packs from Terrorizing Saint Louis City

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These all-terrain vehicles have been spotted throughout south city. A video obtained by Fox2 shows some riders blowing through intersections and recklessly zipping around traffic. One Cherokee resident reported on the Tower Grove East Facebook page that an ATV rider had pulled a gun on her at Arsenal and Jefferson.

"I encountered between 10 and 20 ATVs driving erratically southbound in the northbound lane, weaving in and out, nearly hitting me, and that freaked me out."

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department told Fox 2, "There are no city ordinances on the books for ATVs" and that "the problem seen by our Traffic Safety Division is that the ATV drivers will take off from the police and by policy, we cannot chase them for traffic violations."

Solution: City ordinance to prohibit ATV on Saint Louis City Streets.