Maintenance of boat launch locations in Saint John

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As a citizen of the City of Saint John, I am submitting this letter to call your attention to a situation involving boat launch locations close to the central City area in hopes that they can be improved.

Access to local launches that are upstream of the Reversing Falls area is a critical requirement for many recreational boaters and anglers that frequently travel and fish on the Saint John River system. Two such launches are the boat launch at the bottom of Kennedy Street in the North End in Ward 2, and the launch near the far end of Milford Road in Ward 1 on the West Side. Hyperlinks to street views and map locations are provided on the following page of this letter.

These access points are not fully paved or concrete-padded, and as a result washouts, churn from vehicles, and erosion from the main road access point to the water’s edge frequently make these launches very difficult to safely access and use with boat trailers of any size.

A boat launch installed at the Dominion Park site on the West Side would be an excellent third option, and could leverage the available parking and recreational facilities available at that city-owned location.

Anglers and recreational boaters are requesting that the City review these locations with the intent to maintain their level of repair and make permanent improvements such as paving the access road and installing water-access concrete pads to enable safe and reliable access.

We believe this request to be compatible with the City’s stated goals and efforts to improve recreational and tourist access to waterfront areas in the city.

Sincerely, and thanking you in advance for your attention to this matter,

Paul Melanson (representing those signatories on the following pages).

Boat Launch Location Information

Kennedy Street Launch in the North End:

Street view:


Milford Road launch on the West Side:

Street view:


Potential launch location: Dominion Park Beach

Street view: