Compel the Municipality of Saint John to Officially Declare a "Climate Emergency"

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Immediately following the Saint John city council meeting that took place on May 6th, one concerning the newly proposed Climate Action plan presented by the Saint John City Council with the intent to challenge Climate Change, a rumour began to circulate on popular news outlets.
It had stipulated that the City had declared the crisis as a "Climate Emergency", likely thinking it in accordance with England's sudden declarations.

Ultimately, this decree was never officially stated during the meeting.
Yet, though it may simply not have occurred to do so on the councilors part, it seems abundantly clear that we should make these rumors come true.

Just one country, England, managed to spur on sudden climate activism by Declaring a Climate Emergency. Soon, Ireland followed in it's wake, and the world is waking up.

Cities and counties all across the U.K. have been recently vying for these declarations, and it would ultimately prove beneficial to pave the way for cities across Canada.
As in, we'd better start treating this emergency like it is.

Do note, so far the Saint John City Council has:

  • Recognized Climate Change
  • Recognized the Impacts of Climate Breakdown in our very City
  • Promised to Commit to it's Newly Christened Climate Adaptation Plan
  • Promised to bring the City's Carbon Emissions down to Neutral levels by 2040.

This is all well and good, yet these alone simply are not sufficient.
Ergo, the Saint John City Council should commit to:

  • Declaring the matter as a "Climate Emergency", one requiring immediate action.
  • Lowering the Council's Carbon Emission date from 2040 to 2030, within the U.N.'s implored guidelines.
  • Ensuring that all further strategic decisions, budgeting, and manners of handling decisions follow in line with the shift to zero carbon by 2030.
  • Supporting all relevant agencies and organizations dedicated to following this goal.
  • Gathering together a committee composed of councilmen, residents of all ages, youths, climate science specialists, businesses and other pertinent parties, with the intent of creating a group focused on evaluating and enhancing the strategies and planned decisions by the council, provided they are in line with the Carbon goal.
  • Supporting and educating the younger members of the community in the Emergency, and on ways they can contribute or lessen their impact.
  • Call upon the grander scale governing body to send the Power, funding, resources and help necessary to achieving this goal.
  • Supporting one of, though not strictly limited to, the following measures:
    • Renewable Energy Generation
    • Infrastructure for Electric Transportation
    • Coordinating a series of events and awareness spreading tactics.

Declaring a Climate Emergency will truly do much and more for this city.
Not only will we ensure a greener, safer future for the next generations, but we'll also ensure ourselves as leaders among the country's citizens.
Considering all the flooding coming Saint John's way in the future, it's doubtless that being on the safe side is the choice that'll benefit all of us.