Demand discipline for racist behavior from Saint Francis high school students

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We have come across abhorrent and overtly racist and offensive photos and comments about George Floyd, a man that was brutally killed in police custody. There were many other racist, demeaning, and derogatory posts that were made. These posts were made on a page (Instagram: obamas_memes), which was run and supported by former/current Saint Francis high school students. The page has since been taken down, however, that does not take away their disgusting misuse of free speech. This behavior should never be acceptable, there should be absolutely no room for racism at any school. While some racist students continue their years at Saint Francis, others are going off to schools such as LMU, Cal Poly Slo, KU, SMU, Haverford, UCR, CBU, etc. 

This is not what Saint Francis or any of the schools listed above should stand for, and if you are outraged by the presence of racist students on campus, and believe black lives matter, please sign and support for a more peaceful academic future...There is NO place for hate!

We hope Saint Francis and all of these universities will stand in solidarity with our community and to speak out against hateful speech.