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Stop displaying inapropriate magazines where young children can see them

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My 6 year old daughter has just cracked the reading thing and has taken to reading just about everything that she comes across. While standing at the checkout at Sainsburys New Cross next to the magazine display where the sweets used to be she spelled out "RAPE. What's that Dad". If people want to buy this moronic stuff, that's their choice but I don't want my child reading about rape or paedophilia or looking at the photo's of people that have been subjected to extreme violence. A closer examination of the magazine section found similar magazines right next to the childrens comic section. I contacted Sainsburys head office by email and the response was that Sainsburys had a duty to provide a variety of products in their stores and that it was up to parents to make sure that young children don't get to see this stuff. So if it's at the checkout and next to kids comics what do you do, blindfold your kids when they enter the store? I have spoken to the managers at the store and communicated with Sainsburys head office and they have now said that they will move them to a more appropriate place. Despite a number of emails and conversations with managers over the past few weeks, the magazines have not been moved. They should be out of reach of young children or in modesty shrouds (the plastic bags they put on mens mags).

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