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Stop "Boy Racers" Anti Social Behaviour at Sainsburys Penrith By Installing Barriers

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By installing barriers at the Sainsburys car park in Penrith, Cumbria, the issue of Anti Social Behaviour caused by boy racers would be eliminated. Cumbria Crack have put together this petition in a bid to find a solution to the issue local residents are facing. Below is an example recently published on Cumbria Crack by a frustrated resident. A Penrith resident who lives close to food superstore Sainsbury’s, yesterday issued the company an open letter via Facebook regarding the late night noise emanating from their car park and in particular loud revving car engines. In the letter, Collette Tuer, mother of two said: “Every night last week I had to call the police about the noise disturbance coming from your (Sainsbury’s) car park in Penrith where the local (and in some cases, not so local) youth use it as a meeting place to show each other how loud their engines can rev.” She said the noise was particularly loud last Friday evening and that: “It was so bad it woke up my 3-year-old daughter at 11:30, then at 12:30, then at 1:30 each time the police moved them on.” Furious that Sainsbury’s don’t seem to be doing anything about the problem, Collette explains; “It has become clear to me that the police have no power to stop this and your (Sainsbury’s) management have no power to install barriers to stop cars getting in after the store is closed-although the noise happens when the store is open too. The reason you, Sainsbury’s, will not install barriers is because of the cost.” A spokesman for Sainsbury’s said: “This is something we’re aware of and are working to sort out. “We’re not happy with our car park being used this way either, and we’ve also been in contact with the police. “I’ve spoken to a member of the management team in store and I can confirm we’re looking into solutions to this problem.” In January a Kirkby Thore teenager was convicted of dangerous driving after doing “erratic” laps and wheel spins in the grounds of the store. Eden Police, Sergeant Tim Parkin told Cumbria Crack: “The anti-social use of motor vehicles is our main priority in Penrith. It generates more complaints and calls for service than anything else. It’s not just speeding but driving without due care and attention, aggressive acceleration and braking, sounding of horns and the unnecessary revving of engines. It often occurs where young people congregate in their vehicles. “We target those drivers who we believe are responsible and will prosecute when offences are committed. When we are unable to prove that an offence has been committed we will issue advice or a warning regarding their behaviour. “All complaints are followed up with either a letter or personal visit to the offender. We have worked with businesses in Penrith where previously there have been issues and they have installed barriers preventing access to their car parks outside opening hours which has resolved the issue at these locations. “I am very much aware or the issues at Sainsbury’s which is predominately about the noise which emanates from the car park. I have surveyed those residents who live on Castle Hill Road and I am aware of their feelings. “We welcome people informing the police of criminality and anti-social behaviour in their area and this can be done anonymously via Crimestoppers or by ringing 101.”

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