Stop the use of single-use plastics in Supermarket chains in Britain.

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Single-use plastic is a massive issue in modern-day society, and will become even more of an issue in the near future. When you walk into the Supermarket almost everything is made of plastic, covered in plastic, has plastic on the packaging and will also will also go into a plastic bag. The mentality that we can use plastic and it have no consequence has to be eliminated, both for natures benefit and ours. 

Once you use these plastics, the first thing you do is throw it away. What is the purpose of that? In a world where there are so many alternatives, why are we still using materials that damage the only planet we have? Alternatives can be used such as Biodegrable card, paper, metal and plant based materials. Using these for packaging, covers, films and bottles would mean that we leave a much less damaging footprint on the earth. 

All of the Supermarkets and businesses that this petition is aimed at endlessly contribute to plastic pollution- something that we as humans should all be against. This petition is made to urge the companies to start using alternatives and to explain to them why we shouldn't be using plastics. Companies will keep using plastics because they are much cheaper and easier to produce. We have to confront them, and make the change.

Stop buying these products from them until they produce alternatives. Your money is your vote, the power is in your hands. If we stop buying from them, then the system will have to change. It is not worth buying products from supermarkets that are filled and package with plastic, just for convenience. Unless we make the change, the change will destroy us.

When people buy a product covered in plastic, some people litter which most of the time leads to the plastics getting blown into the sea or a river so that fish consume plastic particles that eventually end up in humans. Or, you throw it away immediately, as it is no use to you anymore. This gets collected with the rest of the rubbish and gets taken away to a dump, some of the plastics can also be blown away into the sea. Once at the dump, all the materials are compacted tightly together so loads of bad materials fester together and can produce harmful gases. Now, this is either burned, so loads of emissions get released into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming. Or, it just sits there and rots for up to 1000 years taking up land and just remains on the earth. Eventually, degraded plastic particles often filter into our soils and water and contaminate them, making it diffucult for the local residents to have a good quality of life. Sometimes, animals will eat these plastics and can sometimes die.