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Sainsburys - Show country of origin on all your Israeli produce.

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Sainsbury's are extremely inconsistent in including the country of origin in their on-line product descriptions. Sometimes they show a range of countries from which they source their products and sometimes they show none at all. It is, therefore, very difficult to exercise an ethical choice if you have reservations about buying goods from certain countries.

For example, a good friend of mine recently had her two teenage sons dragged from their home and thrown into jail without legal representation, and brutally interrogated to try and extract a confession. This has now become standard practice in Israel, and is just one example of the extensive human rights abuses practiced by this State. You will not be surprised to hear, therefore, that I object to purchasing goods which come from Israel.

Having trawled through a number of on-line descriptions of Mediterranean products  I have been unable to find one product labelled as originating in Israel, despite the fact that these products, when bought in the shop, are labelled "Country of Origin:Israel). It seems, therefore, that Sainsbury's is adopting a policy of concealing the fact that it is selling Israeli goods in its on-line descriptions.

You may say that I should shop elsewhere. I have indeed tried this, but found other supermarkets adopted the same practice of hiding the country of origin when it comes to Israeli goods.

I would therefore ask you to support this petition to ask the Board of Directors of Sainsbury's supermarket chain to label the country of origin of all their products described on-line.

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