For supermarkets to provide recipe boxes in exchange for government food vouchers

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I want all supermarkets to provide £30 food packages, with simple recipe cards included, in exchange for food vouchers, enabling eligible families to make the most of the government’s food vouchers and empowering all families on a budget to be able to cook easy, healthy and affordable meals for their kids each week.

As a father of two and an award-winning chef, who has worked directly with the local community and food parcel schemes, I want to share my knowledge of how far a food budget can go, and provide families with an opportunity to cook, learn and eat together.

This initiative would allow supermarkets to use existing stock and reduce food wastage. It would also reduce the time spent in-store doing the food shop, thus lowering the risk of covid transmission, and generally make life that bit easier for the millions of parents across the UK who are currently under immense pressure.

The £30 food packages should be available for all but are primarily designed for those in receipt of food vouchers (if you usually qualify for free school meals you are eligible), and anyone else who is feeding their kids on a budget.

The end goal is for families to be able to quickly and easily purchase a pre-packaged food parcel, with accompanying recipe cards, for £30 from all major supermarkets or from local non profit organisations. Each package would provide parents with enough food to prepare up to 25 decent meals, along with multiple daily snacks.