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Saikat Chakrabarti and Alexandra Rojas: Resign From the Justice Democrats

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It has been brought to the attention of the Justice Democrats community that Cenk Uygur authored blog posts with unacceptable content over 18 years ago. Cenk played a key role in progressive politics over the past decade, his views align perfectly with those of many prominent progressive figures. The views that Cenk wrote 18 years ago do not represent his views today, and everyone is allowed to repent and change their ways. Otherwise, if you still want punishment after having repented and changed then all you really want is vengeance. We all recognize that the blog posts are not acceptable, we all know that. However we DO NOT believe whatsoever that this should force Cenk to resign from the Justice Democrats. The only reason JD is even a credible organization is because Cenk is in it and without him many of us feel uneasy and hesitate to trust all these new faces that are running the movement. They have absolutely no significant record and have not done anywhere close to the amount of work that Cenk has done.

We believe this kind of reactionary behavior from Saikat and Alexandria show a clear lack of judgement and weakness. For this reason we believe that they are not fit to run this organization and demand their resignation immediately. This was obviously a bad call that could cost us votes in an election and we don't need their bad judgement and incompetence leading such an important movement.

We also demand an investigation into their past and the past of everyone involved in this decision to make sure they are not Clinton or GOP infiltrators who are trying to sabotage the movement.

Now maybe Saikat and Alexandria regret and learn from this. In practice of what we preach, if they understand that this was a silly call then they can stay in the Justice Democrats but have their posts downgraded and new leadership instated.

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