Free Advocate Chander Shekhar Azaad

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Advocate Chandra Shekhar has a crime that he were born in a Dalit family known as Chamar (shoemaker) fixed a board on the road of his village, The Greater Chamar’ upper caste Rajput, thakur objected on his efforts that only uppercastes  Rahman and Khashatriya are greater in Hinduism not Chamar because they are Shudras.

on the day of Maharana Partap’s annivesary  upper castes attacked on Chamara colonies, fired their homes beaten innocent children and raped women.

as a defender Chandra Shekhar that is advocate denfended his people.

this is his only wrong’’ upper caste blamed him’ downtrodden has no right to defend themselves. Only Brahman and kashatriya has right to beaten them as over the centuries they suffer, they need to suffer at present.

chief Minister Aditya Nath yogi, BJP Government taken an action when high court has granted bail to Chander Shekhar and police taken him to lower court in Saharanpur and charged him fir three month, Chander Shekhar is danger for national security and extended his imprisonment fir another 3 month without any hearing.

chander Shekhar is advocate by profession and founder of a social organisation known ‘Bheem Army established on the name of Dr’ B R Ambedkar. 

Chander Shekhar efforts to stop dalit atrocities in India and pressuring BJP Natendra Modi’s Government to deliver justice for poor and taking action to implement Indian constitution, equality, fraternity and freedom but high caste doesn’t believe in constitution, they want to serve India as they served in the independence since 15 August 1947.

high caste Hindu believes sc/st are still Shudras and they don’t deserve for equality or equal human rights because Hindu holly vedas never accept Dalits, down trodden, untouchables are human. So they don’t have human rights because Hindu never accept them human they are still Shudras in Hindu culture and out of the traditions Modi Government failed to protect Dalits.

any time on any occasion Hindu organisations think they have right to kill, rape, rob or burn alive Dalits on their holly festivals as Diwali or dusehra or other feats.

we are poor and innocent. We have no voice to defend our younget generation. PM Modi failed to maintain Law and Order in India. He says don’t shoot Dalits shoot me but don’t order to system to arrest criminals.

chander Shekhar is poor and helpless, BJP Government never frees them as they used their power to ruin the powers of Indian judiciary system.

i request you please help Chander Shekhar to write to Indian PM and president to ask them, how Chander Shekhar is danger for national security.


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