Airport setup upgrade and remote connectivity services in Chhindwara for Sahaj Yoga

Airport setup upgrade and remote connectivity services in Chhindwara for Sahaj Yoga

4 March 2021
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Sahaj yogis across world citizens of chhindwara
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Started by gautam bhatia

Hii All 

Chhindwara is the city where our beloved mother Sri Mataji Nirmala devi founder of Sahaj Yoga  was born and is a sacred place for followers of Sahaj Yogis all over the world 

It has been a long desire of all Sahaj Yogis and spiritual seekers across the world to visit the city and participate in Sahaj yoga meditation programs 

People staying in india especially elderly people want to visit and feel divine vibrations but there is no direct good connectivity to chhindwara the train journey from north especially delhi is long and tedious . With all humility we would like to submit that there is a domestic airport strip already operating in chhindwara and this request is to please look into upgrading the infrastructure there so that the connectivity via air is established and some domestic flights can start operations this can be at least 1 or 2 flights in a week or month and depending on traffic and flow of people could be increased 

This will boost rural eco friendly tourism and local agro economy of chhindwara also and would help in spreading the spiritual message of sahaj yoga and sri mataji of brotherhood and oneness and universal much needed requirement of todays world which is full of stress and divisions 

The beauty of being close to divine and creating a world where we are making human beings realize there self realization is service to mankind  

all sahaj Yogis and followers of Sri mataji pray at her lotus feet to get a airport upgrade and at least 1 flight for having darshan 

Also humble request to civil aviation minister and honourable chief minister of Madhya pradesh to help start operations of airport in chhindwara as part of govt of India regional connectivity services and Udaan scheme where common citizens use air transport 

If you support this request please spread this j  of chhindwara airport upgrade and 1 flight to chhindwara 

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Gautam bhatia 

Sahaj yogi Sri mataji follower and common citizens of chhindwara and admirers of shivraj Singh chouhan





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Signatures: 7Next Goal: 10
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