Make Winter 2020 Classes Credit/No Credit for COVID-19

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This is an unprecedented time for our university, faculty, and students. This semester is unlike any other that we have experienced so it should not be treated it like any other. I would like to propose that this semester be a pass/no pass or credit/no credit semester where students have the option to choose whether they want a letter grade on their transcript. Some students might still need a letter grade for other educational purposes like graduate school or applying to their college within the university. This option can help to alleviate the stress that goes along with this sudden but necessary change in our educations and allow students a breather.

Why should we make this change for the semester?

Most students, myself included, make a point of avoiding courses online but are now forced to have only online courses. Some may not have much access to the Internet outside of their homes. Most places with Internet are no longer allowing people inside, which further takes away access to the Internet. Having in person classes allows for structure in students’ lives and without that, some may seriously struggle to keep up with their workload or produce as exceptional work as they otherwise would have. Some students may just struggle to learn without having a face-to-face lecture and might not get as much out of the class as they would have before this change. Group projects will be more difficult to complete because of scheduling issues or Internet connectivity issues.

Plenty of students will worry about their GPA and if they are going to lose a scholarship because of this semester. There are a lot of stressful unknowns for everyone at this time. We should not make "Will my GPA suffer?" be one of them. 

I implore Saginaw Valley State University to take this step to help protect its students in this unprecedented, stressful time. 

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