Saginaw Road Commission must install traffic calming initiatives in the Springwood Subdivision of Freeland. This includes stop and yield signs.

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  • With the newly developed and partially finished Cottonwood Dr. Road there has been an increased amount of traffic flow on this road due to creating a new traffic artery to the high school as well as lack of traffic calming initiatives.There have been daily occurrences of speeding and reckless driving down this long open road and one can expect the amount of traffic to increase continually with new families moving in, but also with the amount of contractors working in this area, who do not even reside in Freeland. There have already been multiple accidents because vehicles are not yielding to right of way, nor are they observing county/state designated speed limits.
    • Speeding and reckless driving occurs at all times during the day, with increasing volumes occurring between 4 pm and 10 pm weekday and weeknights.
    • There are no sidewalks in the Springwood subdivision and there are many young children and families that bike, walk and play near the street.
    • Speeding costs 2 points on drivers license, however disobeying a stop sign is worth 3 points! That is a potential traffic disobedience deterrence factor once word spreads and someone is caught neglecting that traffic law.
    • The Tittabawassee Township has offered to pay for the traffic signage, however the Road Commission has told them they cannot install them due to minimal traffic and lack of accidents.

The township supervisor Marc McGill has sent the following response from the Saginaw County Road Commission:

"We had the Road Commission folks in here today.  On our agenda was a discussion of the Cottonwood Drive and Laurel Woods Place interception.  Long story short they said that the intersection would not qualify for a stop or yield sign at this time.  They say there would need to be near 350 vehicles a day using such intersections.  We offered to buy and put in Stop signs ourselves.  That of course was rejected.  It happens that for stop signs to go in they must be justified via a traffic count study and even better supported by some accidents.  That sounds ridiculous to me; but they swear by it.  According to them & the State if stop signs are put in and there not justified (really needed) then people get complacent and start running them.  Eventually someone that runs one and causes an accident and is found at fault can get the right attorney to prove the Road Commission was at fault by putting one in and allowing motorist to become complacent and then the accident is the Road Commission fault.  Again, that sounds very ridiculous to me.  However, in front of several other officials that’s their stance.   They claim that’s how the legal & stop sign system works when it gets to courts and suits and I have no reason to doubt them even though it’s hard for me to comprehend.

For a more in-depth hearing of this explanation I would ask you to call or e-mail the Saginaw County Road Commission Chief Engineer, Mr. Joe Wisniewski, (989)399-3761 or"


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