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Stop the commodification of women's virginity in a nationwide website auction

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Moonlite Bunny Ranch, a brothel in Nevada, debuted its national website auction, “America’s Next Top Virgin,” on Saturday, September 19th at Dennis Hof’s birthday bash. At the party, Hoff, a self-identified pimp and owner of Moonlite Bunny Ranch, presented Katherine Stone as the first virgin participant in the competition. In this contest, each virgin contestant will be judged and voted on by the public. The votes will be based on the contestants’ “hymen hygiene, poise under sexual pressure, degree of virtuosity, ability to resist temptation, non-intercourse sex skills, and finally, how they actually perform sexually when they lose their virginity to the highest bidder in a live Bunny Ranch.” The winner of this competition will be given the chance to work at Moonlite Bunny Ranch in “the erotic arts.”

THIS NEEDS TO STOP! Moonlite Bunny Ranch opened in 1955 and is essentially a house of prostitution: people come to this brothel to have sex with the “prostitutes” working there. This contest the brothel is facilitating objectifies and commoditizes college-aged girls. The commodification of human bodies for sex is a version human trafficking.

The overwhelming majority of prostituted women are in fact victims of human trafficking. Entering into prostitution is rarely a choice and even when it begins as a choice, it often ends up in the hands of pimps and traffickers. While supporters of this contest may argue that Katherine Stone has made an empowering choice to enter this competition, her decision to enter is largely based on her extreme financial distress based on her current socioeconomic situation. This “decision” is not empowering, it is likely her last resort. And even for those who make the choice to enter into “prostitution,” 98% of these women want to leave immediately.

This competition is both offensive and dangerous, reinforcing the idea that women are worthless commodities that can be bought and sold, and that they are simply objects for men’s sexual pleasure. “Prostitution” is not a lifestyle choice or a profession; on the whole, it is human slavery. Moonlite Bunny Ranch has taken its sex trafficking to a whole new level, by exploiting these victims in the public eye. We are outraged! This has to end!

The U.S. Department of Justice recently reported that “94% of all sex trafficking victims are female. 97% of sex trafficking victims are under 25, and 4 out of 5 victims in confirmed sex trafficking incidents are identified as U.S. citizens.”

The average age upon entering human sex trafficking is 13 years. The average life span of a victim is 7 years, and the number one cause of death is murder.

OSHA stated that being a night shift convenience store clerk was ranked the number one most dangerous job. Well, those who are victims of sex trafficking face that risk times 100!

Katherine Stone, the first contestant, is currently equipped with a custom-made multi-pad-locked chastity belt that she is required to wear 24/7. There are many more girls that have been admitted into this yearlong contest. These women will be bought and sold for sex in the public eye and at the public’s discretion. We cannot silently consent to this type of abuse against women. Please stop this kind of objectification from becoming a social norm! Don’t encourage the further dehumanization of human traffic victims.

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