Protect the Long Pond Greenbelt - Stop the Sag Harbor Vehicle Impound Lot

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Friends of the Long Pond Greenbelt regrets to report that the Sag Harbor Mayor and Trustees are continuing to pursue their plan to pave a vehicle impound yard in the Long Pond Greenbelt, and they have bamboozled the Southampton Town Planning Board into approving their application. This wrongheaded approval comes after receiving scores of letters from FLPG, The Nature Conservancy, Group for the East End, local civic groups, environmental groups, Sag Harbor Village residents and local citizens alerting them to the detrimental impact the project will have on the fragile Long Pond Greenbelt ecosystem. Also, as you probably know, the Village board has allowed PSEG to park its trucks and to store treated poles, materials and equipment on the property.  This is shocking, especially when the same board touts its protection of the environment!

Now our most viable option is to pressure the Village to rethink the location of the impound yard and to vote to preserve the property, so no future board will suggest inappropriate and environmentally destructive uses ever again. The Board of Trustees and the Mayor need to understand how vitally important the Long Pond Greenbelt is to our community. 

To this end we have started this petition stating that we object to the use of the Village property on the Sag Harbor Turnpike, in the Long Pond Greenbelt Nature Preserve, as a parking lot for PSEG trucks, treated poles, dumpsters and material storage. Further, we oppose the planned use of this property as a vehicle impound yard and fear what might come next!!!! Both these uses threaten the fragile groundwater systems of this unique coastal plain pond community, one of the most ecologically significant areas in all of New York State with more than 30 rare species of plants and animals. We urge you to find somewhere else for PSEG and impounded vehicles.  Protect our beloved Long Pond Greenbelt!! Protect our aquifer!! Don’t Pave. Preserve!!

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