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Support and Enforce the Current District Nutrition/Wellness Policy.

Please DO NOT revise/amend the "District Nutrition/Wellness Policy" to allow non-nutritive sweeteners, hydrogenated or trans fats or high fructose corn syrup. The comprehensive policy, as written, supports optimal nutrition and wellness standards and creates  a template for the district to maintain and sustain healthy guidelines and practices for all.  

Policy # 5661 currently provides our students and staff with your guarantee that the district will be committed to an effective and heathy nutrition and physical education environment. A strong Nutrition/Wellness Policy is needed to ensure that Sag Harbor Schools provides a consistent environment that is conducive to healthful eating behaviors and regular physical activity. Schools play a critical role in helping students learn and practice healthy eating habits. Sag Harbor School District policies should make it easy for children to practice more healthful behaviors. An enforced healthy Nutrition and Wellness Policy will allow our students the opportunity to select more nutritious food and snacks throughout the school day. Sag Harbor Schools should only serve foods and beverages that reinforce the curriculum and ideals which are taught in our district nutrition and health classes. National research shows clear links between good nutrition and better student performance in classrooms. The district has the responsibility to develop healthy minds and must also maintain and develop standards to promote healthy bodies. Allowing items that contain high fructose corn syrup, hydrongenated or trans fats and non-nutritive sweeteners to be served in our schools will  jeopardize our students' overall health and wellness.  

Sag Harbor Schools' Food Service Program should not make a profit or sustain its program at the expense of the children's health. 

The economic incentive for our schools to sell foods that contain high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated or trans fats and non-nutritive sweeteners is counter- productive to good education practices and the notion of protecting children from harm. 

Many schools, across the country, have transitioned to more healthful options and their programs remain viable and sustainable. 

Some districts, who have made the change to more healthful options and have adopted stringent Nutrition/Wellness Policies, have not lost revenue and are actually struggling less financially with the availability of higher quality and more healthful selections. 

Anyone who wishes to eat or drink items not available at school are free to bring them from home or buy them when off school grounds. 

The district is obligated to create and sustain an environment in which children can make healthful choices. Choices, for students, are limited each day in order to protect them. (ie - we do not allow the sale of cigarettes at school.) Limiting food/beverage choices for students to higher quality foods is making a commitment to healthier bodies and minds. 

Please show that you support the health of our students and staff by maintaining the high standards reflected in the current District Nutrition/Wellness Policy. Please DO NOT allow foods/beverages that contain non-nutritive sweeteners, hydrogenated or trans fats or high fructose corn syrup to be served in our schools. 

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