Demand SAG-AFTRA aggressively adapt to better reflect today's voiceover landscape.

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A proposal is in play at SAG-AFTRA to aggressively address the erosion of the Union voiceover industry by, for a limited time, allowing voice actors to join SAG-AFTRA, suspending membership qualifications, and retain their current non-union career. 

During this limited time, Union staff will work with the voiceover community to streamline the Union hiring process, creating a business model as fast and easy as it is to hire non-union, while The Organizing Department works with members and buyers on a daily bases to reclaim this work, bringing Union minimums and benefits to a larger percentage of working voiceover actors.

We need vo actors, union, non, and fi-core, as well as agents and casting directors from all vo markets small and large, to make it known to the Union that they are out of touch with the realties of the vo industry.  SAG-AFTRA needs to make the necessary changes to their infrastructure to be more inclusive to the thriving vo industry outside their backyard, embrace their better business model, and bring Union minimums, health and pension benefits, and residuals to more working voiceover actors.