Get Kate langbroek off the radio

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once Upon a time driving home from work or school whilst tuned into the hit network was a wonderful thing. Our ears were graced by the greatest duo in Australian radio history, Hamish and Andy. With a beautiful mixture of pranks, challenges and banter the duo provided all the pieces to a successful radio career. However one sad day the pair decided to hang up the headsets and mics and call it a day. We didn’t know how privileged we were to have them on our radios each day. The replacement is extremely poor to say at the least,  Kate langebroek. With extreme contrast to Hamish and Andy Kate provides dull unwanted conversations, ill timed jokes and inturupts co-host hughsy. It’s time we stand up for ourselves and get Kate off the radio any replacement will do even a 2 hour slot of white noise would somehow be funnier and make more sense than the non-stop drone of kate Langbroek.

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