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Safeway: Stop Wasting Good Food!

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"In March 2011, 851,014 people were assisted by food banks in Canada. Food bank use is 26% higher than in 2008, and this fact sends a clear message: the effects of the recession are still being felt across the country. As a result, a near record number of people are unable to afford enough food for themselves and their families." (Hunger Count Survey, 2011)

Safeway is a very successful supermarket chain operating throughout Canada and the US. They state that "Social corporate responsibility is the core of everything [they] do," and claim to work at improving neighborhood communities and encouraging environmental sustainability. And yet, Safeway stores maintain a policy which mandates the waste of edible food on a massive scale--food which requires much resources and energy to produce, and food which could feed the rising number of hungry in Winnipeg. To discard food in a compactor following "best by"/"enjoy by" dates is NOT socially responsibile, but socially irresponsible; a neglect of the needs of low-income people of Winnipeg--especially of those in the surrounding West End community--and poor stewardship of the environment's resources.

Safeway is free from liability for any isolated health issues resulting from food donations, as they are protected under the Manitoba Food Donations Act (1994), which states:
* A director, agent, employee or volunteer of a corporation that donates food or that distributes donated food is not personally liable for any damages resulting from injuries or death caused by the consumption of the food unless:
(a) the food was adulterated, rotten or otherwise unfit for human consumption; and
(b) in donating or distributing the food, the director, agent, employee or volunteer intended to injure or to cause the death of the recipient of the food or acted with reckless disregard for the safety of others.

We, the following concerned citizens, petition Safeway to employ a policy of distributing all consumable foods to social food centers in surrounding communities.

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