Othello Safeway: Provide a safe, clean store with fairly priced, quality products now.

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Chukundi Salisbury
Chukundi Salisbury signed this petition

Do you believe that everyone in our community should have access to fresh, nutritious, affordable, and cultural appropriate foods available to them in a clean, safe, and inviting environment regardless of where they live?

The Othello neighborhood has very few shopping choices other than Safeway, and because of this Safeway has been taking advantage of the Othello community in several ways. Prices are often higher than those found at similar grocery markets in other parts of the city. Quality of produce and other fresh foods is often much lower than the quality found in other Seattle grocery stores.

The Othello Safeway is regularly understaffed, leading to extra-long checkout lines constantly and creating more social distancing violations.

Being short-staffed also makes it difficult for Safeway employees to perform critical safety tasks such as sanitizing carts, checkout stations, and other parts of the store. This puts both employees and customers at risk and endangers the lives of the most vulnerable in our community. Employees are not even required to wear masks, at a time when other stores are requiring masks for employees and even customers.

Even though many problems with the Othello Safeway have been known in the community for years, it seems that the company has avoided making improvements at any cost. Safeway's neglect is not just irresponsible – it is exploitative, oppressive and takes advantage of the very community that relies on them.  The unresponsiveness of management to customer feedback about the conditions in the store has led to the creation of this petition.

We are presenting this petition because the Safeway located at 3900 S Othello Street needs to do better by our community. 

We need Safeway to begin taking several steps immediately to improve this store so that all of us have access to fresh produce and groceries that are safe to consume.

The Othello Safeway needs to:

1) Immediately remove all expired products from the shelves and 

2) Provide synonymous pricing on items that are the same across Seattle. 

3) Provide synonymous quality/freshness on all items across Seattle.

4) Create and maintain a safe, comfortable and clean shopping environment that is consistent with COVID-19 Guidance.

5) Have appropriate placement of nutritious foods vs. non-nutritious foods.

If you agree with these suggestions, please sign our petition so that the Othello Safeway management knows what is important to its customers and community.