Stop Arresting People Experiencing Homeless for Surviving

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Under current laws in Wisconsin, it is legal to arrest a person for camping or sleeping in a county park. This legislation’s purpose is to keep people experiencing homelessness out of the county park. The current laws are arresting people for the basic right of surviving as a person experiencing homelessness. If passed, the “2017 Assembly Bill 38” limits the authority of law enforcement to arrest a person for sleeping or camping in a county park and instead issues a fine between $10 and $200. This legislation is crucial for people experiencing homelessness because currently they often fear police and feel unwelcome in their communities. By having the person arrested, there is a high likelihood the person’s credit score will lower, along with their renting record if they are unable to pay rent while incarcerated, and their driving license may be revoked.

There are also community implications by instead giving people experiencing homelessness a fine for sleeping or camping in a county park. An important implication will be money saved. Currently, large amounts of time are utilized for officers to transport people to jail, and then getting back to their patrol area. In addition, less people being in jail will save money.

 “2017 Assembly Bill 38” is important and needs to be passed in Wisconsin. It is currently in the Wisconsin Congress Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety, where it has been since January 1st, 2017. Please sign this petition to show legislators their constituents do not want people experiencing homelessness arrested for attempting to survive through sleeping in county parks.

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