Safety Review of all Public Roads on Tamborine Mountain

Safety Review of all Public Roads on Tamborine Mountain

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Jon Krause MP (State Member for Scenic Rim) and

Why this petition matters

Started by Michael O'Leary

There has been much discussion in our local social media lately about our roads on Tamborine Mountain, much of it to do with potholes and even road slides. I’m sure it’s difficult to effect repairs when it keeps on raining!

Tamborine Mountain is both a prized residential area, ideal for raising a family, and a popular tourist destination – a quick getaway from our neighbouring cities, especially during the pandemic.

Put bluntly, many of our roads are an accident waiting to happen!

I have personally sought attention to the two dangerous children-crossings on Curtis Road, sadly without response. There must be other dangerous hotspots; Beacon Road and Long Road to name just two more.

For many years, residents have sought to have the speed limit reduced in their local thoroughfare, all to no avail. Yet the traffic density keeps increasing!

Applications have been lodged to have the speed limit on Knoll Road reduced from 50 km/h to 40 km/h, again without success. This would be an extension of the 40 km/h zone on Main Street down to the recycle station. Many residents and visitors walk Knoll Road. It has three Give Way signs, one at the entrance to the Knoll National Park and two, where the road narrows preventing two vehicles from passing safely. Many drivers either don’t see, or don’t observe the latter Give Way signs. Accidents waiting to happen!

I have had the bureaucratic process of reviewing speed limits explained to me. I can’t say that I understood all that was shared. I do understand that residents (electors) are not at all certain just who is responsible for our roads, our Scenic Rim Regional Council or our Queensland State Government. Apparently, a review of speed limits must be undertaken by a committee comprising members from both.  Little wonder nothing is done. Why call such a committee to consider an application to lower the speed limit in just one thoroughfare? I believe the cost for an engineering review is considerably prohibitive.

Starting at the top, I am calling on our State Government to have an engineering review of all roads on Tamborine Mountain, to consider: speed limits, pedestrian crossings, even traffic lights.
I am asking all residents (electors) on Tamborine Mountain to please support this proposal.
I trust our local state member of parliament will be behind such a proposal.

244 have signed. Let’s get to 500!