Petition Closed
Petitioning Stamford Superintendent Dr. Winifred Hamilton and 2 others

Safety in Schools: Active Police Officer at all schools at all times and Install Panic Buttons throughout

The safety of our children, teachers and staff is EXTREMELY important. Times have changed so must we.These are fairly simple steps to implement and I dont know what parent, guardian, grandparent, school or city would not rally for these as soon as possible.

Letter to
Stamford Superintendent Dr. Winifred Hamilton
Mayor Michael Pavia
President Board of Ed Geoff Alswanger
Dr. Hamilton, Michael Pavia, Geoff Alswanger: I would first like to thank you for all that you and your staff have done regarding safety in our schools thus far. Along with these new safety measures we NEED to have an active Police Officer at each school like we did years ago before budget cuts. We also need to have panic buttons installed like fire alarms in each classroom or with each teacher. Times have changed so must we. If I can be of help in any way to make this happen please contact me. Thank you Nicole