Safety for Ukrainian Refugees

Safety for Ukrainian Refugees

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Why this petition matters

Started by Angela Bailey

We have all seen on the news and online the despicable situation in Ukraine.  Our government are shameful letting only ‘50’ refugees into the UK.  
We have empty nightingale hospitals that UK people would be able to fill within hours with all the necessary items that refugees.  Some even still have medical equipment in.  
How can our government sit back and allow these innocent people suffer.  
It may only be a temporary solution but this is a very current and an emergency.  
The excuse that we haven’t got enough staff to run these buildings is ridiculous.  
I am sure people arriving include Nurses and Doctors who would help.  
All people that don’t need medical attention would have a dry roof over their heads and I know that the UK would have so many volunteers to help each and every one that we could house.  

Lets show our government we won’t stand by and do nothing.


44 have signed. Let’s get to 50!