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Safety and Security NOW for 1st District Baltimore

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We the voting constituency of the 1st District of Baltimore hereby demand immediate, effective and lasting action to protect our loved ones and neighbors and stem the rampant violent assault and savage murder of law-biding citizens in our neighborhoods.

We are sick and tired of being prey.

We are sick and tired of wondering which one of our friends will be next tomorrow.

We are sick and tired of our leaders caring more about violent offenders as "victims of a broken system" than they do about the lives of innocent people being killed on our streets.

We are sick and tired of the false response in increased police presence that lasts a day or two after the most recent murder before returning to a status quo and gross absence of police presence.

We are sick and tired of the State's Attorney's gross negligence in continuously releasing repeat violent offenders on technicalities or politically fabricated mitigating circumstances, and failing to prosecute violent crime effectively to any measurable result.

We are sick and tired of the apathy and hopelessness of our police in the face of a city council that doesn't support them, and provides no resources, policy or directive to do what is necessary to protect us.

We are sick and tired of being in danger by merely going about our daily lives at any hour of the day.

We hereby declare State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby, Councilman Zeke Cohen and Mayor Catherine Pugh accountable to us and directly complicit in every single violent attack and murder on innocent citizens in our district by means of their neglect of duty and failure to respond effectively.

To this, we demand that Councilman Zeke Cohen and the Baltimore Police SE District command unconditionally agree to the immediate formation of WEEKLY community safety meetings in every major neighborhood within the 1st District.

We demand tangible strategy and sustained deployment to purge this violent assault on our very lives, liberty and happiness. 

And should you fail us further, we pledge to tirelessly pursue your removal from office and further to take action of our own to do whatever required to protect ourselves.

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