Decision Maker Response

Ritu Kapur’s response

Aug 21, 2020 — Dear Signers,

We have received Smriti Gupta’s petition asking The Quint to include information about how to safely surrender children at specialised adoption agencies, in every news report about child abandonment or infanticide. We would be proud to play a part in preventing child abandonment by creating public awareness.

We wish to assure Smriti, the 40,000 signers of her petition and our patrons that as India’s leading Newspaper/ News network The Quint believes in reporting objectively and sensitively on all issues including child abandonment, as these shape public perceptions on matters related to child safety.

Towards this end, we are happy to share that we have taken the following steps:

1. We will work towards adding a new guideline to our editorial policy, directing all our reporters, editors, and production teams to remind people that safe and legal surrender of a child is possible through Specialised Adoption Agencies, when reporting on child abandonment. The guideline also directs them to inform people that the nearest specialised adoption agency can be located by calling ChildLine at 1098 or going to and selecting any state.

2. We will inform our reporters, and editorial and production teams about this new guideline and they have started following it with immediate effect.

We will include this new guideline in the orientation and training modules for new employees.

Please stay tuned to see the impact of this change by following our Twitter handle @TheQuint.

Thank you,
Ritu Kapur
Founder and CEO, The Quint