Center Left Turn Lane for State Route 69 N (Hartford, KY)

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State Route 69 North is vital for connecting northern Ohio County with the heart of our county. Highway 69 N bridges the gap separating Fordsville (and surrounding areas) and Hartford, KY. In particular, the section of 69 N between the William H. Natcher Parkway and US Highway 231 sees heavy traffic daily and is need of improvement.

I would like to propose the construction of a center left turn lane for State Route 69 N that would serve the intersection of State Highway 1543/Clay Street, as well as the intersection at Oakwood Drive. Highway 1543 connects 69 N to US Highway 62 East (including Rosine and Horse Branch). Clay Street provides access to government offices and local businesses, as well as providing an alternate route for overflow traffic from Hwy 231. Oakwood Drive provides access to Wayland Elementary School, Oakwood Cemetery, and local businesses.

Heavy traffic at these intersections (during peak times) has led to increased passing on road shoulders and dangerous shoulder crossings at the intersection of 1543/Clay Street. Intersections with high volumes of traffic should have dedicated turn lanes that remove the turning traffic from the through traffic. A turn lane would provide additional safety by protecting turning traffic and reducing the chances of head-on collisions. A center left turn lane would also facilitate a left turn without slowing down the flow of traffic.

By signing this petition you are requesting that the local/state government improve our highways to meet the needs of our county. After signing, please feel free to share this with your friends and neighbors through email, social media, etc. so that we can get the signatures needed to get this done.