Safer, Cleaner, Better Water For Cardington, Ohio Residents!

Safer, Cleaner, Better Water For Cardington, Ohio Residents!

July 4, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Hannah Slyman

With this petition I am hoping to bring to attention, the dissatisfaction within the community of the quality, and ridiculous upcharge, of the water being forced upon the residents of Cardington. With this petition, I am hoping to get DELCO WATER brought to the village!!

For the last 10 years I have lived in the village of Cardington, Ohio, paying upwards of $110 a month for water with only a small family of three residing in my home. I never drank it from the sink because it tasted absolutely horrid... and for YEARS I thought I was the only one who was paying this much, and thought I was just being picky about the water... I WAS WRONG.

After speaking with several people who live within the village limits, I found out that I was NOT the only one being incredibly overcharged for this water they couldn't drink.. I was ALSO not the only one who was having issues with the long term use of Cardington's water DESTROYING household appliances such as:

∙ clothes washers
∙ dishwashers
∙ refrigerators
∙ clothes dryers
∙ faucets
∙ filters (fish tank, faucet filters, pool filters etc.)
∙ and more...

People in the community are having to purchase bottled water and gallons of water just for consumption, cooking, and some won't even give their pets water from the sink.

The water is not only unsafe to drink, and ruining appliances, it is also ruining clothes, hair, and causing itchy scalps and skin on people and pets.

It was brought to my attention at some point during my residency here, that if Cardington were ever to have any issues with their waterline, Delco water would IMMEDIATELY be made available as an emergency back up. This does nothing but tell us that Delco water is MORE THAN ABLE to be brought into the village of Cardington!

So the question is, why is the village insisting we all get Cardington water?


The village is NOT concerned with the health, safety, or well being of its residents. If it was, the community would not be forced to receive water from the city, rather than from Delco - which would not only be safer for consumption, and use in appliances, but would also be MUCH cheaper for the residents of Cardington.

STAND UP + SIGN! Let's tell the village of Cardington that we are sick of being OVER charged for disgusting, unsafe water. BRING IN DELCO!

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Signatures: 277Next Goal: 500
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