Demand for Safer Bus Stops and Sidewalks for Columbus City School Students!

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Wednesday September 18, 2019, like any other morning 11 year old Elizabeth “Lizzy” Robertson-Rutland prepared for her day of school. Sadly, at 6:30am while attempting to cross the street to catch her school bus she was hit by one vehicle and thrown into another lane in which the second vehicle ran over her and never stopped. Our Lizzy lost her life that morning.

She was the oldest of 4 children, just entering 6th grade and full of life. This particular street McNaughten Road is a danger zone. It’s a 2 lane street, no sidewalks, minimum lighting and a speed limit of 35.

We are asking the City of Columbus to make McNaughten Rd a priority for sidewalks and lighting. It is currently #24 of 53 streets that require sidewalks.

Lastly until this is made possible, Columbus City Schools need to devise a safety plan regarding bus stops during dusk while it’s still dark and morning rush hour. Either change school times until sunrise or provide crossing guards during bus route hours. Please do not allow another child to lose their life while simply trying to board a bus to school.