Safeguard potable water supplied to entire Gurugram, from potential risk of contamination

Safeguard potable water supplied to entire Gurugram, from potential risk of contamination

11 October 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Amit Bakshi

Respected PMO India, Chief Minister of Haryana, CMO Haryana, Health Minister of Haryana, National Green Tribunal (NGT),

This petition is in reference to the allocation of a 5-Acre land in general area Basai, Gurugram for setting up of 250-Ton Capacity Solid Waste Management Plant. Please refer Times of India article dated 22 Sept 2022: Municipal-corporation-of-gurugram-earmarks-land-for-fresh-waste-processing-in-basai

We, the residents of Gurugram and in particular, those of Basai and adjoining residential sectors along Dwarka Expressway, are deeply concerned because of the following factors:

1. Close Vicinity of Proposed Solid Waste Treatment Plant With Existing Water Storage, Treatment & Supply Facility: The area earmarked for establishing the said Solid Waste Management Plant is just within 500-800 metres of an already existing Water Storage, Treatment & Supply Facility which serves potable water requirement of entire Gurugram city.

2. Very High Water Table of the Area: Further, there is a Very High Water Table / Level in the said area. The Water table /level in this general area, extending up to Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, is as high as 1-3 feet during summers. While during monsoons, entire area is mostly submerged.

Due to very high water table and very close vicinity of existing Water Treatment Plant, spread of contaminant is extremely likely and any such occurrence, even if unintentional or accidental, will have the following serious consequences:

a. Pose extremely serious health hazard for all inhabitants of entire Gurugram

b. Once polluted, the existing Water Treatment Facility itself will become non-functional and will need to be decontaminated or relocated. This will deprive all Gurugram residents of potable water for a very long, unexpected duration until decontamination/ relocation is completed with laying of fresh water pipeline network

c. Decontamination or relocation of existing Water Treatment Facility will be extremely costly both in terms of finances as well as time

Hence, I plead to withdraw the said sanctioned land for setting up Solid Waste Processing & Management Plant near Basai and kindly allocate to any other area which is reasonably far away from any such Water Treatment & Potable Supply Facility, where possible contamination due to accidental & unintentional breach of NGT Norms, can be arrested without causing serious health hazard to residents of Gurugram.

P.S. Guidelines to read the picture:
The blue highlighting is the Water storage, treatment & supply infrastructure for entire Gurugram
The red circle is the proposed Solid Waste Management Plant, which is within 500 meters

The green highlighting is a multi-specialty hospital which caters to the residents of Basai and adjoining residential sectors along Dwarka Expressway, which is within 50 meters

The purple highlighting is the Dwarka Expressway which was granted a National Highway status by Minister for Road Transport & Highways, Sh Nitin Gadkari in 2017, which is within 100 meters


Thanking you in anticipation of due consideration,

A 'extremely' concerned resident of Gurugram

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Signatures: 1,086Next Goal: 1,500
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