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In communities of all sizes across the country, safe affordable housing is in short supply. Often this shortage forces people to crowd into existing housing, putting occupants at risk, as Cicero's recent tragic fire demonstrates.

Congress needs to capitalize the National Housing Trust Fund by designating $1 billion and adding vouchers to provide safe, affordable rental housing for families.

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Letter to
Cicero Town President Larry Dominick
Sadly, tragedies often spur pleas for help. The horrible fire in Cicero on 2/14 when 7 people lost their lives is such a benchmark.

Overcrowded housing often indicates a lack of safe, affordable rental units. Families without resources will turn to others so they don't end up on the streets, homeless. Overcrowding can put the tenants and surrounding community at risk. And, in incidents such as Sunday's fire, people, including children, lose their lives.

We want your help. Will you please urge Cicero's federal legislators to push for funding for the National Housing Trust Fund?

This legislation, when fully funded, will begin to revitalize communities and provide safe, affordable housing for families.

Thank you.

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