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Safe, Affordable Housing Needed


Every week across the U.S., mobile home fires kill children and adults. In some cases, mobile homes have been used to replace government-subsidized housing, and families rent substandard units, often paying far more than they are worth, because of the lack of affordable housing.

Many households with limited incomes end up in mobile homes, which are often substandard and are extremely flammable. Families, especially those experiencing poverty, crowded into these units, are at grave risk. A grandmother, a friend, and 3 grandchildren recently died in a trailer fire in rural Dallas County, Alabama. To see how frequently mobile home fatalites occur, check this website.

Families and individuals need safe, affordable housing. Send a letter to their Congressman supporting passage of the Bring America Home Act which would be a good start to ensuring all Americans a place to call home. HEAR US will continue to create petitions to urge policymakers to address the housing needs of millions of families in poverty.


Letter to
Representative Artur Davis
In early March in a rural area in Dallas County, Alabama, a grandmother, her friend and three young grandchildren perished in a mobile home fire. This extended family lived in a trailer, and their tragic story is not uncommon.

Their living arrangements, like so many in our country, reflect our nation's abysmal lack of affordable housing. Every day, families and individuals die in household fires directly related to poverty, whether the blame falls on highly flammable mobile homes, or unsafe heating practices after utility shut-offs.

Please make safe, affordable housing your focus in Congress. The Bring America Home Act, introduced in last year's session and supported by the National Coalition for the Homeless, is a good place to start. I urge you to sponsor and actively support this legislation.

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