Reopen Old MRU Library for Student Study Space

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Attention Students!

Do you feel frustrated with limited study spaces at MRU? Do you feel embarrassed peeking into a study room, hopeful that it will be empty, but come to realize that someone is looking back at you thinking "what a weirdo?" Well me too! I have created this petition to propose reopening the old MRU library. The space of the library is currently not being used for anything, so it seems, and it would be extremely beneficial to those who need available spaces to study. I have spoken to many students on campus who feel the same way and believe that this would be beneficial to them. The new library is beautiful, although it is not always ideal for studying, and by reopening the old library, this will allow for community to be reignited, student grades to be enhanced, improved mental health, and overall better accessibility to food in Wyckham or Tim Hortons. If you feel that this is important or relevant to you, please sign this petition so we could work together towards reopening the old MRU library.