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Ultra low emission charge for London.

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Sadiq Kahn has agreed for a ultra low emission charge to start in London next year, April 19. These charges continue for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, he has not consulted with the people of London and the last I knew we lived in a democratic country. These charges will effect everyone from 50cc mopeds to vans. The last time this happened in regards to the congestion charge people were told that the price wouldn't rise yet it did not long after. 

People with diesel engines which the Government themselves promoted will be hit hardest and lots of them can't afford to swap vehicals as diesels are now worth very little. 


I also believe that this will push people to break the law and we are already full of this in London. More numberplates will be cloned, more motorcycles and mopeds will be stolen and people who can't afford all these London charges may be pushed to joining in and taking numberplates off or driving/riding illegally. 


As a country we are sick of being penalised by the government and have to stick up for ourselves and tell Sadiq Kahn that this will not happen. We will no longer be charged more then the rest of Europe and potentially the world for tax, petrol, V.A.T and now charges to drive or ride in a certain areas. 


Please sign this petition and pass it on to everyone to get it noticed but more importantly please be ready to take peaceful action if this charge does happen. I will be expecting people to show the Government that we are not pushovers and that if we choose to we can lose them millions in revenue with just the willingness to do so. 

I am aware of the air in London being of bad quality but I do not believe that charging people who are already paying so much in other bills and taxes is the way forward. This will only push the issue slightly away from central London and into surrounding areas. The main point here is that people simple can't afford to keep paying these taxes for things that aren't taxed anywhere else in the world. 


The solution is simple Mr Kahn, keep your Congestion Charge which is already unfair, keep you low emission zone which is already in place but leave everyone else alone.